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My name is Lionel, but everyone calls me “Canche”, which is a common nickname use in Guatemala. "Canche" is given to anyone with light skin and blonde hair, whether you're a foreigner or Guatemala-born.

CANCHE.COM was designed to share pictures and events with family and friends, but feel free to browse around and send me an e-mail.

In order to speed the download of the pictures I'm using lower resolution and putting them in Picasa website, but you have to go though the events page, using a date or key word.


The majority of the pictures are in a slide show (.wmv -Windows Media Video). In order to be seen you have to have windows multiplayer 8 or above installed. Explorer 6 or better is recomended.


For Firefox and Crome browsers:

If you have problems seen the video (black box only) dowload a plug in at

Reminder: you can double click in the middle of the show to maximize the screen.






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